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Dot-to-Dot Tool

Create a Dot-to-Dot Page from Your Image

The dot-to-dot tool allows you to create a dot-to-dot page from your jpg or png image file. The dots are added automatically based on the number of dots you selected. You can move the dots around by clicking the "MOVE DOTS" box. You can set the size for the dots and adjust the placement of the numbers for each dot. You can choose to use letters instead of numbers and to use skip counting for the dot labels.You can also specify the number or letter to start with for the dot labels. You are able to add a title and adjust the placement and size of your dot-to-dot puzzle on the page. This tool is only available to Pro-Members.

This tool generates no-bleed sized pages.

Our pro-members can download PDFs with dot-to-dots like these:

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